138kV Switchyard and Transmission Line

In late summer 2012, Kilgore accepted a project with an aggressive project schedule to design and build a 138 kV generator interconnect substation and a 138 kV interconnecting transmission line for a new peaking power plant at the W.A. Parish power plant near Richmond, Texas. Although the facilities themselves were not technically difficult to design and build, the number of interfaces between existing facilities, the new peaking power plant created a number of challenges for the project team.

On Thursday, June 6th, Kilgore successfully energized the interconnect substation bus by re-energizing the transmission line to the W.A. Parish Unit #7 Standby Transformers. On Friday, June 7th, the interconnect breaker to the new generation facility was closed, energizing the transmission line and back-feeding the new power plant through the Generator Step Up Transformer. Even with all of the interface issues that challenged our energization, Kilgore completed this project a full week ahead of our commitment to the customer.