Global Reach. Unparalleled Experience.

Kilgore has operational experience in countries worldwide. Our global partner network, intimate understanding of local politics and atmospherics, and our ability to navigate challenging markets enables us to provide innovative, expeditious solutions to our clients anywhere in the world.

Transports to and from the world’s hot spots require an experienced logistics provider. Through Kilgore’s dedicated project teams – representing a combined experience of 30 years within the Government & Defense industry – you will benefit from flexibility, technical know-how and perfect planning 24/7/365.

Whether it is transport of troops, equipment or AOG shipments for an international mission, we can arrange for you by sea, road or air.

As an independent operator, we offer cost-effective solutions through our close ties with all players in the air charter industry.

Kilgore will help you to achieve outstanding and cost-effective federal buildings, through our integrated services, global reach, worldwide staffing resources and advanced technical capabilities, such as Lean means and methods, and modular construction approaches.

Our quality program is aligned with federal government QA/QC requirements. Our proven experience and outstanding safety record, combined with our extensive overseas presence and comprehensive knowledge of Federal procedures, backs our ability to work in foreign locations and military theaters, including those in austere, hostile and contingency environments.


The Kilgore process means we go beyond basic requirements by maintaining accountability and proper operation of equipment with maintenance data and metrics. We sustain shop operations, IAW applicable regulatory and technical standards as well as perform Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) on unit equipment.

Tactical and Non-Tactical Vehicle Repair, Maintenance and Repair Parts Management, COMSEC Maintenance Support, Classified Container Maintenance Support, Production Control and Technical Inspections, Small Arms Repair, Track Repair.


Our experience includes an extensive list of supply support services to the customer. When called upon to operate warehouses and supply chains, we provide management and metric analysis. This includes the ability to receive, store, issue, package, and prepare for shipment all classes of supplies.

Warehouse Management and Operations, Ammunition Supply Point (ASP), Hazardous Material Support, Fuel Accountability, CORP Level Property Book Support for the Army’s Transformation to Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs), Fuel Receiving, Fuel Issue and Transporting of Fuel


We provide transportation services to Installation Transportation Offices (ITO), Personnel Property Shipping Office (PPSO), and other customers at overseas and CONUS locations as well as: Motor Pool Operations, Drivers (CDL), Training and Licensing


Kilgore understands the importance of training and over the years has focused on theater-specific pre-mobilization training, simulation, classroom instruction, and providing required mobile training teams at various locations.

Logistics training, Subject Matter Experts, Range Operations, Individual and Small Unit Training, Range Support (Primary Marksmanship, Range Lane Safety and Range Medic Support), Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) Support

Information Technology

Our IT logistics analysts provide sustainment training (classroom, over-the-shoulder, and hands-on), information assurance and automation architecture, Theater Provided Equipment (TPE), Property Book support, logistics operations, help desk, customer support, and mobile training support. The logistics automation systems Kilgore provides sustainment services including: Transition to GCSS-Army (Data Cleansing), Log STAMIS (PBUSE, ULLS-AE, SAMS-E, CAISI, SARSS, SAAS-MOD), Logistics Automation Specialists, Change Management Training for Army Material Command’s (AMC) Transformation to Single Stock Fund.


Environmental Services

Your environmental challenges require a uniquely qualified consultant — one with a special combination of engineering skills, military experience and environmental excellence. We combine military experience at more than 100 installations with cutting-edge environmental services to address your challenges. Our focused approach eliminates excessive studies and concentrates on cost-effective, practical solutions.

Our teams combine our military and environmental services experience to find the most cost-effective, practical solutions for you.


Our fueling team has extensive technical experience designing and constructing fuel receipt, storage and dispensing systems (truck and hydrant systems) and has executed major federal fueling projects worldwide. 

Energy Resiliency

Energy reliability, efficiency and sustainability — resiliency — is critical for many commercial and industrial operations, but it can be a matter of national security for federal or military installations and their utility partners. A balanced portfolio of generation resources and distribution infrastructure will help you meet your mission.

We combine decades of experience in all aspects of energy with up-to-date knowledge, developing custom solutions to address your concerns. One of the biggest advantages you gain when working with Kilgore International is our ability to deliver comprehensive services in-house, from modeling to master plans, from design through system integration. 

We bring the commitment and know-how to get the job done right, on time and on budget. Your project can also benefit from our experienced design-build project delivery, which gives you a single point of contact and establishes an environment for design and construction innovation. Our energy resiliency services include:

  • Renewable energy integration — reliably capturing solar, wind or water power and integrating those resources into your larger portfolio.
  • Microgrids — helping eliminate the threat of power outages by integrating multiple local generation and storage assets to provide on-site power, whether connected to the grid or islanded.
  • Utility collaboration — overcoming the challenges of coordinating with local organizations to create a mutually beneficial power supply arrangement.
  • Cybersecure industrial control systems — making sure your systems meet evolving regulations and are protected from outside intrusion.
  • Campus energy solutions — making sure your energy generation is adequate and reliable to meet the needs of the broad facilities.