Kilgore partners with our clients and understands their goals, providing leadership and organization to produce designs that achieve their requirements in terms of function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability. Our project delivery systems benefit from best practices learned from our 60+ years of delivering successful projects of all sizes for clients around the world.

Engineering disciplines include: civil, electrical, mechanical, piping and structural engineering; as well as advanced specialties such as simulation, enterprise integration, integrated automation processes and interactive 3D and 4D modeling.

Kilgore collaborates with our client counterparts to develop integrated solutions that may include engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC), maintenance and project management. From the earliest stages of project design, we involve the construction and commissioning teams to provide capital and schedule efficiencies.

Clients benefit from Kilgore’s Advanced Process Modeling Expertise

Kilgore teams with Clients to develop new process technologies with a range of advanced process modeling services, including physical and thermodynamic properties, reaction kinetics and equipment modeling. The envisioned products range from specialized databases to models of entire flowsheets. The consulting services include process design and optimization, as well as plant troubleshooting.

The value of this service is that the best possible data package will be available for process modeling, the package will be developed rapidly, the models will be well documented so that engineers will understand the range of applicability, and the database may be secured so that the proprietary information is protected.

Kilgore EPC Projects Implement Construction-Driven Execution Approaches

Kilgore’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects are construction driven. We confirm a smooth transition from process development and optimization-driven execution defined by the study phases, to a construction and start-up-driven execution platform defined by an EPC phase.

Kilgore thinks first and foremost about executing project construction. Then we work backward, formulating how to get materials to the various sites. After this, Kilgore determines how and where to drive engineering. Key elements of Kilgore’s construction-driven execution approach are as follows:

  • Best practices implementation through all aspects of HSE, labor, material management, construction and construction technologies
  • Best-in-class systems and technology to improve productivity and provide accurate progress assessment and forecasting
  • Design/procurement sequencing to support construction
  • Kilgore’s global Construction Operations support group for personnel, training, tools and procedures
  • Integration of construction methodologies and execution throughout the project’s life cycle
  • Maximizing preassembly/modules on and off site where applicable
  • Proactive, early construction plans and constructability reviews

More specifically, Kilgore verifies handover sequencing and construction input are incorporated during front-end loading (FEL). Our experts lead the FEL process to define and coordinate scopes aligned with a construction and supplier strategy, allowing for maximum schedule enhancement. Key elements of this construction-driven approach include the following:

  • Definition and monitoring of construction work packages
  • Delivery of engineering and procurement services aligned with construction work packages
  • Development of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction schedules reflecting the start-up and handover sequence and completion dates
  • Early identification of the commissioning systems and, as a consequence, the handover systems
  • Front-end development by the construction team of site logistics, craft resource capacity and the sequencing of construction activities by work breakdown structure

Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) Capabilities

Clients rely on Kilgore to adequately define their project requirements before initiating a capital investment. Our front-end engineering and design (FEED) teams, using the experience gained from providing FEED services to Clients in diverse industries prepare documentation to support our Clients’ future investments. Kilgore has provided FEED services for thousands of major projects, including first-of-a-kind technologies, world scale mega projects and licensor design packages. We have extensive experience preparing lump sum bid packages, as well as reference packages to facilitate completion of work in an expeditious timeframe.

Value Engineering for Cost Savings

Value Engineering is a formal, structured process to ensure capital projects meet or exceed cost objectives without compromising project quality. Kilgore’s project teams use value engineering throughout a project, evaluating options with a focus on reducing project capital costs as well as life cycle costs.

The value engineering process divides the total project’s scope of work into components, examining each individual component for alternatives that offer benefits in the areas of engineering design, equipment and material selection, construction and operations and maintenance. It is a structured application of proven techniques, applied at multiple phases of the project, with the primary objective to identify cost reductions.

Value engineering is an area in which we excel, with an established record of success in achieving major cost benefits for our Clients.