Kilgore International pushes the boundaries of innovation so you can embrace new possibilities. With expertise and scale in major operational areas, we provide a diverse network of drilling and pressure pumping services, directional drilling, wellbore placement services, rental equipment and technology to forge your path to success. Our oilfield solutions deliver results that lead your business into the next generation of oil and gas.

Jack-up rigs are mobile, self-elevating drilling and workover platforms equipped with legs that can be lowered to the ocean floor until a foundation is established to support the hull, which contains the drilling and/or workover equipment, jacking system, crew quarters, loading and unloading facilities, storage areas for bulk and liquid materials, helicopter landing deck, and other related equipment.

The rig legs may operate independently or have a mat attached to the lower portion of the legs in order to provide a more stable foundation in soft bottom areas. Many of our jack-up rigs are of cantilever design – a feature that permits the drilling platform to be extended out from the hull, allowing it to perform drilling or workover operations over adjacent, fixed platforms.

Kilgore’s shallow workover jack-up rigs generally are subject to a maximum water depth of approximately 125 feet, while some of our jack-up rigs may drill in water depths as shallow as 13 feet.

Kilgore also has deeper water jack-up rigs that are capable of drilling at depths between eight feet and 150 to 250 feet. The water depth limit of a particular rig is determined by the length of its legs and by the operating environment. Moving a rig from one drill site to another involves lowering the hull down in to the water until it is afloat and then jacking up its legs with the hull floating. The rig is then towed to the new drilling site.

Platform rigs provide offshore workover, drilling and re-entry services. Kilgore’s platform rigs have drilling and/or well-servicing or workover equipment and machinery arranged in modular packages that are transported to, and assembled and installed on fixed offshore platforms owned by the customer.

Fixed offshore platforms are steel tower-like structures that either stand on the ocean floor or are moored floating structures. The top portion, or platform, sits above the water level and provides the foundation upon which the platform rig is placed.

Land Drilling

Kilgore operates as an international Oil&Gas contractor, providing onshore drilling services encompassing almost all rig types and geographical areas. We provide our services to the highest standards and pay special attention to sustainability and the development the communities in which it operates. Kilgore carries out work worldwide for international Oil&Gas majors as well as for national companies and independent operators.

We strongly believe in the importance of taking a lead in health and safety and the protection of the environment, and seek to contribute actively to the social and economic development of the countries in which we work, through specially designed programs and at all times in line with State run national development plans.

A key to sustainability entails utilizing local businesses to provide services and products required in our drilling operations. This approach helps to build long-term relationships, which are essential to consolidate our presence in the areas in which we operate.

Wireline Services

Experienced wireline service crews with local expertise use the latest wireline tools to help you achieve maximum lifetime production from your well. For both cased-hole and open-hole services Kilgore provides responsive personal service and a collaborative approach.


Open-Hole Services

  • Formation analysis
  • Resistivity
  • Porosity
  • Acoustic
  • Temperature

Cased-Hole Services

  • Logging
  • Slickline/Braided line
  • Pipe recovery
  • Stuck-pipe logging
  • Mechanical services
  • Perforating
  • Tubing conveyed perforating (TCP)

We offer radial and standard cement bond logging with gamma ray neutron, pulsed neutron and high-resolution/imaging casing calipers. Services include best-in-class horizontal pump down/plug and shoot work. We offer advanced capabilities in downhole data collection, with fully digital open-hole and slim-hole logging. Cased-hole services — for vertical and horizontal wells — include pump down, tubing conveyance, coiled tubing and tractor conveyance.

Wireline Perforating

Engineered perforating systems for maximized production

New hardware breakthroughs combined with advanced software modeling enable conducting ultralong and heavy wireline perforating jobs in both offshore and land operations. Using wireline perforating instead of conventional conveyance techniques in deep and complex wells improves efficiency while reducing rig time and cost.

Wireline (or electric line) is the traditional way to run perforating guns and with good reason: Wireline provides the advantages of real-time depth control and selectivity along with reduced logistics compared with deployment on tubing. Although wireline perforating guns were initially categorized by whether they are used before the completion is run (casing guns) or through the completion (through-tubing guns), today any type of engineered perforating system can be run on wireline along with a wide variety of other explosive devices. Regardless of the type of perforating gun, our engineered perforating systems are optimized for the gun and charge combination with respect to the wellbore environment, reservoir and fluid content, and completion geometry.

Kilgore Advantages


  • Experienced wireline crews with expertise in your basin
  • Ability to support horizontal/vertical, oil/gas, high-pressure wells in all kinds of climates
  • One of industry’s best safety records
  • Strong safety culture backed by ongoing safety training and mentoring program
  • Strong regional technical support


  • One of the newest and most technically advanced fleets of land and offshore logging units, including one of the industry’s newest assemblages of pressure control gear and cranes
  • Units equipped with a minimum of two sets of tools for maximum efficiency and dependability at your wellsite, eliminating expensive downtime
  • Open-hole logging units equipped to transmit data via satellite from the wellsite for providing real-time information

Well Servicing

Independents and major oil and gas companies depend on Kilgore International for the highest-quality well servicing, including workovers, completion, and plug and abandonment services. The reasons? Our large and modern, high-horsepower fleet, comprehensive rig packages and experienced, safety-focused crews.

Complete Rig Packages

With dedicated rig supervisors and 4-5 man crews, Kilgore rig packages have 24-hour capabilities. To ensure maximum efficiency at your site, every rig package includes:

  • 5,000 psi BOPs
  • 5,000-10,000 psi triplex mud pumps
  • 200 bbl mud tanks
  • Hydraulic tubing tongs and handling tools for 2 3/8″ and 2 7/8″ tubing

Available upon request:

  • Mud systems
  • Power swivels
  • Pipe racks
  • Hydraulic catwalks and lay-down machines
  • Cooling systems for crews
  • Casing jacks

Experienced, Safety-Focused Crews

Kilgore employees are empowered to make the job safer, do the job better and continue to improve on our best-in-class performance.

Valued by clients for their client service and professionalism, our Well Servicing employees receive extensive safety training prior to any field work. Our training qualifies Kilgore to work on wells with critical well-control conditions and exceed even the toughest safety standards.

Mandatory courses equip new and experienced employees with training and, and where applicable, certifications:

  • OSHA safety certification
  • PEC qualified
  • Forklift certification
  • CPR training
  • Basic Plus training
  • LiveSafe culture of safety
  • Driver training
  • Hazmat training
  • H2S Awareness
  • Manlift training

This training, along with our rigorous drug and alcohol policy, enables Kilgore to offer highly qualified crews that are unsurpassed at working safely.

Plug and Abandonment

End-of-well operations are often more difficult than initial well construction. These plug and abandonment (P&A) operations require maximum efficiency without sacrificing safety—all while limiting impact to the environment.

Kilgore provides the technology and expertise to facilitate safe and efficient operations worldwide for P&A solutions and specialized subsea projects for jacket and subsea tree removal. Our full suite of well abandonment technologies reliably and accurately address a wide range of environments. Integrated and careful planning ensures cost effectiveness, while meeting regulatory and technical requirements.