From pre-construction execution planning and constructability during front-end design and detailed engineering and implementation of safety and quality processes during construction and commissioning through to the development of procedures and manuals during handover, we have established ourselves as a world leader in construction services.

We offer advanced work packaging to improve productivity, quality management, contracts development and administration, procurement and material handling, HSE management, commissioning and start-up support. We do this using state-of-the-art tools for systems completions and turn over, supply construction, commissioning and start-up. These distinct offerings have established work processes, procedures and guidelines that enable us to provide consistent high performance construction execution across the globe in multiple markets.

The key to our long successful history in construction execution is flexibility. Not constrained by any company model, we consider each opportunity a stand-alone effort, which requires a unique approach to the construction of the project. We understand that every project faces a unique set of challenges and changes, and provide our customers with the confidence that we can adapt to a changing environment.

No project is too difficult for our seasoned construction managers. Through years of experience on all types of projects they know how to ask the right questions, identify potential risks and mobilize quickly, deploying the right team with the right plan to execute the work. In addition, through many years of experience executing work on six continents we have established relationships with subcontractors, some of them going back for decades. Using a stringent pre-qualification process and ongoing monitoring, we not only select the best subcontractors for your project, but also work closely with them for safe, successful execution.

Kilgore’s construction management services extend throughout the project life cycle – from initial site studies and pre-construction planning through start-up, using our detailed planning, project controls and tools to achieve your project objectives.

Kilgore’s Construction Management services include:

  • Pre-construction planning
  • Contract preparation, negotiation and award
  • Administration of construction contracts
  • Field engineering
  • Construction QA/QC services
  • Industrial relations, safety and security
  • Material control and procurement assistance
  • Administrative support
  • Project accounting
  • Scheduling
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up assistance

Commercial, Residential and Institutional Construction:

  • Construction Management at-Risk
  • Construction Management Agency
  • Logistics Planning
  • Scheduling – 4D
  • Estimating – 5D
  • Facilities Management – 6D
  • Design-Build
  • Program Management
  • Virtual Mockups

Diversified Services

Kilgore is known for proven performance in maintenance services, providing civil, structural, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, scaffolding, insulation and abatement, painting and coatings, janitorial, and grounds and material handling. Approaching maintenance work with a team methodology ensures Kilgore/customer alignment, open communication and continuous monitoring of meaningful key performance indicators. Add to this Kilgore’s continuous improvement process and clients realize positive outcomes — cost savings, less waste and improved performance. Kilgore also has a proven process to transition an existing workforce that ensures a smooth, orderly and non-disruptive changeover. This process is an important first step in changing the culture to one of employee-ownership and achievement of site goals.

Maintenance capabilities include:

  • All disciplines – support, mechanical, specialty (scaffolding, insulation, painting, abatement), material handling
  • Total & supplemental
  • Long- & short-term
  • Project work
  • Turnaround/outage/shutdown
  • Consolidation & outsourcing
  • Transition expertise
  • Heat exchanger services

We align our maintenance process with your ongoing reliability and performance improvement efforts to produce superior results.

Kilgore has provided scaffolding, insulation, painting and abatement specialty crafts for many years in support of our construction and ongoing maintenance, turnaround and capital services.

Through recruitment of strong supervisory and executive management personnel, we have created a more concentrated focus on these specialty services and provide additional systematic program that address corrosion/corrosion under insulation, heat loss, GEM painting and scaffold efficiency.

These services are performed under the same strict adherence to safety and quality expected of Kilgore and provide greater service diversity for Kilgore and cost savings potential to our customers through service bundling.

Advantages of the Kilgore Industrial comprehensive approach include:

  • Full consolidation
  • Maximized planning
  • Full multi-craft/multi-skilled usage
  • Reduced hand-offs/touches
  • Full accountability
  • Measurement, benchmarking and process mapping
  • Maximized opportunities for sharing best practices
  • A continuous improvement philosophy/methodology
  • Integrated, focused team

Our specialty service programs emphasize planning and allow for the maximum use of trained professionals with multiple skill sets.

Kilgore has extensive experience in all phases of the turnaround cycle from the front-end efforts of planning and scheduling through execution, system turnover and start-up. We perform both embedded and stand-alone turnarounds and have particular in-house expertise in performing Alkylation Unit projects.

Kilgore International turnaround and outage resources include:

  • Alloy welding
  • Bolt torqueing
  • Offsite pipe fabrication
  • Pipe installation
  • Bundle extraction
  • Valve replacement
  • Tower & column work
  • I/E Work
  • Vessel modification
  • Code work
  • Millwright work
  • Scaffolding/insulation
  • Planning/scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Subcontract management
  • Exchanger repair/replacement

We have a proven process for handling turnarounds and outages, from large, stand-alone work to small ramp-ups.

Plant services encompasses a wide range of activities. This business segment makes up about 10 percent of our annual business volume. These services can be provided in conjunction with our ongoing maintenance and capital services or, as in the case of operations support and packaging, can be provided on a stand-alone basis.

Plant services include:

  • Operations support
  • Packaging and material handling
  • Warehousing
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Janitorial services

Plant services can be provided in conjunction with our ongoing maintenance and capital services or on a stand-alone basis.

Specialty Tank Services Designs, Fabricates and Field Erects Above Ground Storage Tanks

Complete API 650 Tank Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Erection | Licensed Professional Engineer on Staff

Consulting and Advisory Services

Oversight and Advice for Farming, Business and Development 

Kilgore International provides technical consulting for investors, agribusiness, farmers, food companies, national government, and donors in emerging markets:

  • We work with clients and local businesses to develop innovative finance, production, distribution, sales and marketing, risk-management and community engagement.
  • We provide technical advice and product innovations to emerging market governments, development partners (USAID, WorldBank, DFID etc.) and their contractors.
  • Our specialties are in farming, seed and biotechnology, livestock,  agribusiness, food and nutrition, water and sanitation, clean energy, infrastructure and environmental stewardship.

Kilgore International works with clients to provide third party monitoring, evaluations, due diligence assessments, audits and training:

  • We provide clients with training of local partners process management, ISO, Six Sigma, SHE, LEAN, Global GAP and EuropGAP, sustainability and carbon footprint, stewardship, nutrition, health.
  • We provide third party monitoring and evaluation, auditing, and certification preparation services.  

Kilgore International provides advisory services on corporate diplomacy & citizenship, corporate social responsibility and volunteer programs, communication and advocacy strategy, environmental stewardship, public image, staff programs and civil society initiatives:

  • We provide clients with insight and development of corporate social responsibility and citizenship programs, volunteer and retiree programs, communication and stakeholder engagement strategy, sociocultural footprint, gender and diversity strategy, non-profit and government engagement and environmental stewardship.

Agribusiness and Emerging Market Growth

Kilgore International conducts emerging market analysis & strategy, value-chain assessment and opportunities:

  • We provide clients with new market analysis and research, market positioning and niche, value proposition, location specific data, particularly in farming, agribusiness and food value chains.
  • We work on behalf of clients, and partnership with local businesses, in regulatory, trade and political advocacy around innovation and improved market access.


Kilgore International creates a ‘soft-landing’ for U.S. and international businesses using innovative routes and finance, local partner development and new business creation:

  • We develop innovative public-private partnerships on behalf of clients to leverage donor funding and local investment incentives, minimize financial exposure.
  • Through our network of local business partners we provide initial representation and sales outlets, prior to full scale investment (thin end of the wedge).
  • We work on behalf of clients to identify local partners and provide business development services to those partners, improving partnership performance and expertise.


Kilgore International engages in farming, farm management, agribusiness and value-chain opportunities, production, distribution and sales:

  • We engage directly in vertically integrated agricultural value chain initiatives, improving productivity, providing inputs and advisory, engineering and infrastructure solutions, location intelligence, value-adding and processing, improved market access and downstream market advice.
  • We develop local out-grower schemes, involving hundreds of local farmers to improve their productivity and incomes.
  • Through our own operations and partners we manage production under contract for our clients.

Nutrition, Health, Food and End Use

Kilgore International provides a broad range of nutrition and health strategy and tactic development, including research, marketing, portfolios, platforms, monographs and surveys:

  • We develop mission statements, goals and tactics for short (1-2 year) and long-term (3-7 year) plans for international food security programs and the commercial food industry.
  • We create positioning platforms and key statements for products, ingredients and commodities for long-term marketing use in the global food security and commercial marketplaces.
  • We produce evidence-based client portfolios supporting nutrition and health positioning for the food and supplement industries.
  • We write and provide scientific monographs on nutrition and health topics for commodity groups and the supplement industry.
  • We design and conduct nutrition and health surveys with key audiences that result in evidence-based data for clients’ market and business development.

Kilgore International supports product development processes through nutritional profiles and product analysis:

  • We develop comprehensive nutrition profiles for client’s products, ingredients and commodities.
  • We perform nutrition analyses of products, ingredients, and commodities


Kilgore International’s research capabilities include monitoring research, guiding strategy development, and forming research protocols:

  • We develop strategy for nutrition and health benefits research.  Examples include food, commodity and supplement companies.
  • We design, assist implementation and monitor research protocols for clients’ products, ingredients, and commodities.
  • We monitor ongoing research in clients’ product category, conducted by others.

On behalf of clients, Kilgore International fosters stakeholder relationships, interfaces with government agencies and initiates business relationships:

  • We interface with government agencies (such as USAID, USDA, WHO) on behalf of clients.
  • We connect clients with thought leaders/policy makers/university researchers in nutrition and health fields.
  • We connect clients with business opportunities in nutrition and health areas.

Kilgore International provides a range of nutrition and health communications services:

  • We develop client nutrition and health marketing materials for tradeshows, professional exhibits.
  • We create nutrition and health content for client websites (to both professional and consumer audiences).
  • We draft nutrition and health articles for our clients’ use in publication (professional, consumer) for marketing purposes.
  • We develop teaching materials (handouts, slides, webinars) for use by university professors and registered dietitians.