Kilgore International has established an unrivaled reputation for delivering a innovative, safe, and trusted demolition and dismantling services. We own, maintain, and operate a fleet of excavators, dozers, skid-steer loaders, and trucks to ensure we have the right equipment to complete any job. Our highly trained personnel provide their knowledge and expertise to complete all jobs within OSHA and EPA guidelines.

It takes proper planning, powerful equipment, and years of experience to safely demolish any structure. We utilize a variety of methods, including:

Mechanical Demolition – using cranes, excavators, rams, and dozers to tear down a building.
Implosion – placing high powered explosives in carefully selected locations of the structure and detonating them to bring the structure down.

Deconstruction/ Dismantling – As the name suggests, deconstruction/dismantling is the opposite of construction. It involves a careful process of dismantling a structure.

Tire Recycling / Equipment Solutions:

In our effort to support a clean environment, we offer tire shredders and tire processing equipment designed to process steel-belted tires.  The complete line of the tire shredding and steel liberation processing equipment is offered as a turnkey solution.  Scrap tires collected are processed and refined by size-reduction techniques designed to achieve a range of particle sizes as small as 600 microns.  Various mesh sizes of crumb rubber become the ideal raw material for a wide variety of applications, including molded rubber goods and adhesives.  Larger sizes are used for civil engineering applications as a substitute for stone aggregates, or as a fuel to power kilns, mills and power plants.  Smaller sizes are incorporated into a number of industrial, athletic field, paving and landscaping applications, among others.

Industrial/Commercial Services:

Kilgore International has a proven track record for safely removing all types of commercial and industrial structures. We specialize in various types of demolition and understand that each job has its own unique requirements. Large, multi-story building, grain silos, collegiate stadiums, schools, industrial warehouses, refineries, and manufacturing plant are but a few of types of structures we have demolished.

You can count on the experienced team at Kilgore International to employ the right method and provide the proper equipment to safely and cost effectively remove unwanted structures.

Decommissioning & Demolition (D&D):

A substantial percentage of Kilgore work includes removing impacted or hazardous waste materials and the associated decommissioning and demolition (D&D) of sites. Kilgore performs surgical and mass removal of impacted media including above and below ground tanks and piping, concrete supports and associated production buildings. We employ emissions control systems, from temporary cover agents to fully enclosed negative-air structures at sensitive remediation projects. Kilgore employees are trained to perform work in personal protective equipment (PPE) levels B, C and D. In many cases, project requirements for Zero Emission of fugitive dust, odor, target contaminants and excessive noise are required. We provide turnkey off-site disposal of contaminated media by truck and rail to appropriate disposal facilities.

Kilgore International’s Decommissioning & Demolition service line provides and experienced team of professionals with over 128 years of combined experience in the commercial and industrial demolition business. Our experience includes the D&D of industrial facilities and pipelines serving the petroleum, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and pulp and paper industries. Kilgore’s diverse team allows us to perform projects ranging from selective dismantlement of structures and equipment within operating facilities to the complete removal of facilities to include decommissioning, decontamination, asset liquidation, waste management, site remediation and site restoration. This complete service line allows us to provide our clients with a total site solution. Our highly experienced team of professionals will work with the client to develop and implement innovative site solutions through all phases of the D&D, remediation, geotechnical and civil construction work. This complete service line coupled with Kilgore’s Best in Class Safety makes Kilgore a world-class service provider. Our best in class safety record is the result of our corporate culture where Safety is a Core Value and is exemplified by each of our over 500 employees. All employees are trained in our behavior based safety program and participate in a short service employee mentoring program.

Kilgore owns and operates a fleet of over 400 pieces of heavy equipment. Our fleet includes specialized equipment including high and long reach excavators, 100-ton lattice boom crawler cranes, off-road trucks, shears and materials handlers. In addition, we have national service agreements with Caterpillar, Komatsu, Company Wrench, CLM Equipment Company and other key rental companies to supply additional demolition equipment and attachments as needed.